Meet The Team

James - Director

James is Gerry’s son and, together with Gerry, they run Celtic Candles. James will attend all the trade shows and look after the Celtic Candle collection sales and distribution. Always on the move and not one to stand still for a minute!

Gerry - Director

Gerry set up Celtic Candles in 1993 and is the oldest and wisest member of the team. He shares his wealth of knowledge regularly and everyone will listen. He looks after the sales with our hospitality and church business.

Magda - Accounts

The newest member of our team. Magda looks after all our much loved accounts and makes sure everyone is paying on time. She also keeps Gerry on his toes in the office :-)

Brian - Operations

Brian has been working in Celtic Candles for almost 1 year and looks after our warehouse. He ensures deliveries go out and come in on time.

Martina - Production

Martina has been with Celtic Candles since 2011. She works on the factory floor ensuring all our products meet our very high quality control standards. Not much gets past Martia :-)

Marie - Shop Manager & Production Scheduler

Marie has been working with Celtic Candles for 4 years and ensures everything runs smoothly with production while looking after the customers in our shop.

Eileen - Production

Eileen works with Martina on the factory floor and also in our shop. She ensures that all our reed diffusers and candles are poured on time and meet our high standards.

Gary - Warehouse

Gary has worked with Celtic Candles for 3 years and works on the factory floor. He claims he makes the best cup of tea but the jury's out on that one!

Joan - Sales Rep

Joan is our eyes and ears on the road. Never one to stand still and always smiling, especially when she gets an order :-)

Niamh, Adam, Shane, James and Chloe work in our warehouse helping with production at busy times. They are a great addition to the team.