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Give any room the feeling of a bustling outdoor Christmas market; fresh orange liqueur gently warmed by the tingle of cloves and fiery spices.

£ 12.97

As refreshing and sweet as fruit picked from the tree. The fragrant oils from this candle will set your tummy rumbling!

£ 18.29

Containing ingredients such as Citrus Fruits and Indian Spice.

£ 16.22

Bolsius quality, 7.5 hours burning time. Quality candles

£ 1.00

Tingle as you talk with invigorating mint and moisturising mango. Gently scented with nine different flavours to choose from. Melissa oil is said to have antibacterial agents to combat the winter blues!

£ 4.02

Bolsius quality T lights, guaranteed burning time.

£ 49.00
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