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Bolsius quality, 12.5 hours burning time. Quality candles

£ 39.00

For those who find a blustery walk relaxing as those who prefer a long scented bath, these woody natural essential oils will revitalise your spirit and leave a delicate floral scent.

£ 9.72

Containing ingredients such as Pomegranate, Plum, Rhubarb and Watermelon. This dark sweet aroma gives an air of refinement and alertness.

£ 9.72

Contains natural oils of Clove Terpenes, Turpentine oil, Mentha Arvensis oil, Geranium and Sweet Orange oils. An essential oil mix to give you the spa sensation at home.

£ 5.65

Containing ingredients such as Pomegranate and Spiced Plum.

£ 10.53

Containing ingredients such as Citrus Fruits and Indian Spice.

£ 10.53

Large scented jar, 50 hours burning time. Quality candles.

£ 6.00
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