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Home Fragrance
Lauched in 2011 our signature range is bursting with diverse products to suit every home. 19 aromas available.

Home Fragrance 


  • Large Pop Jars
    Made with the finest ingredients our large candles burn cleanly for up to 100 hours of pleasure leaving you with a glass jar that can be put through the dishwasher. It comes with a cute recycled wood lid which can be upcycled as a jam jar, a storage jar or for making a winter-warming sloe gin...
    The only choice in natural wax candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Medium Pop Jars

    Made with our unique 100% Organic plant wax blend. Our medium pop jar candle is presented with a wooden top. The recycled glass jar will burn for up to 50 hours leaving no waste. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.

  • Aromapot Tumblers

    Made with our unique 100% Organic plant wax blend. Our 20cl candle is presented with our cutely designed box. The recycled glass filled jar will burn for up to 50 hours leaving no waste. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.

  • Kilner Jars
    These cute reusable jars are the perfect home accessory and right on trend...! Burning for up to 60 hours and available in a host of aromas.....unclip and enjoy...!!
  • 9CL Votive
    Made with our unique 100% Organic plant wax blend. Ideal small travel size. Clean burning time up to 25 hours leaving no waste.
    Made with recycled glass and dishwasher friendly! Available in 15 wonderful aromas. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Fragrance Diffuser...
    100ml glass bottle with aluminium top filled with our amazing aromas. Each refill includes a free set of reed sticks.
  • Fragrance Diffusers 120ml

    All reed diffusers come wrapped and sleeved in our signature boxes.
    Each reed diffuser contains quality aromatic alcohol-free oil and rattan reeds in a 120ml glass bottle. Available in 10 inviting aromas.

  • Wax Melts
    Made with our unique blend of 100% Organic plant wax. Firtsly remove the paper and label.  Simply place the cute little cupcake-shaped melt on top of any suitable burner and place a t-light inside the burner. Enjoy your favourite aroma lasting for up to 30 hours.
  • Scented Sachets
    Use these scented sachets to scent any home, cupboard, drawer, pet area or car. Each sachet will last for up to 6 weeks.
  • Organic Lip Balms

    Made with Organic ingredients containing melissa oil. Great for chapped or dry lips or warm soft ones....!

  • Burners

     Ceramic burner suitable for use with any of our oils or wax melts. Simply put a t-light under the bowl and enjoy the aromas for many hours...!

  • Multiwick Candles
    Burning for up to 85 hours. Available in 3 amazing aromas to fill any large space. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Room Sprays 100ml
    Available in 6 luxurious aromas these 100ml room sprays are perfect for that surprise knock at the door :-). Available in a mixed variety of aromas from Relaxing to Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Cotton Fresh to Recharge. They come with a spray nozzel and safety top.
  • Organic Range 180ml Pots
    180ml brown apothecary style glass. These candles come in 7 wonderful aromas burning for up to 50 hours with 8% perfume. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Organic Range 200ml...
    200ml brown diffuser glass with wooden top. We use 30% perfume in each diffuser to give a lasting constant aroma.
  • Organic Range Diffuser...
    150ml brown glass bottle with black top. Available in 7 aromas and includes a free set of black reed sticks.
  • Christmas 4 Pack Votive
    4 Pack Christmas Votive set with a choice of two different sets.  Scents include Cinnamon & Clove, Frankincense & Myrrh, Lemongrass & Lime, Coconut & Amber Musk, Pomegranate Noir and Fresh Linen. Each 9cl votive burning for up to 25 hours approx.
  • Organic tumbler with...
    20cl container burning for 40-50 hours using only ever organic plant wax and a blend of the finest aromas.
  • Organic glass T lights...
  • Celtic organic body...
  • Gift sets and...
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Tingly, bubbly and full of life - ignite this naturally scented candle and add a touch of excitement to any space.

£ 18.29

Contains natural oils of Clove Terpenes, Turpentine, Mentha Arvensis, Geranium and Sweet Orange oils. An essential oil mix to give you the spa sensation at home.

£ 18.29

Sweetly uplifting, these naturally scented oils together stimulate the mind creating an atmosphere that encourages mental alertness. 

£ 18.29

Enlightening notes of White Jasmine, Rose and Violet Petal oils. It will take any room far from the city to tumble instead in intoxicating flowers. Contains natural oils of Cedarwood, Virginian, Patchouli and Sweet Orange.

£ 18.29

Our exclusive Angel Oil blend is lightly perfumed with the relaxing oils of Neroli, side by side with the harmonious delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Musk.

£ 18.29

Gives any room the feeling of a bustling outdoor Christmas market; fresh orange liqueur gently warmed by the tingle of cloves and fiery spices.

£ 18.29

The fresh and herbal fragrance of tea tree is perfectly balanced by the zesty freshness of the Sicilian Lemon, leaving a crisp and rustic natural scent. This natural fragrance is proving very popular in spas and salons.

£ 18.29

Bring the fresh, clean scent of cotton sheets dried on a summery Wicklow morning into your home. Comforting and evocative, this natural home scent is guaranteed to refresh and invigorate.

£ 18.29

The twist of lemon and lime cut through any lingering odours and the ginger harmonises and revitalises. This naturally scented candle is particularly useful in the kitchen.

£ 18.29
Showing 1 - 9 of 31 items